Psychiatric Treatment Does Not Need Referrals

If you need to see a psychiatrist, do not hesitate. You do not even need to get as far as your GP to do this. Go directly in for psychiatric treatment in kirkland, wa. But first this. Of course, you still need to make an appointment. This doctor will not see you otherwise. Unless of course, it is extremely urgent. For instance, are you having suicidal thoughts. Or does it feel like the walls are closing in and you’re about to collapse. Again.

Of course, it should go without saying that a responsible clinical psychologist is going to want to clear his appointment book, bring you in, and make sure that you are brought back from the brink. The risks are just too great. Just the very single thought of suicide is not to be tampered with. And just wishing that you were not alive at this point in time is also cause for a great deal of concern. Of course, there is that too. Disclosure.

Whether you are dealing with the psychiatrist’s secretary or with him directly, you’re going to have to be absolutely honest with him. You cannot lie to him about the way you are feeling. Although it could be true that through years of clinical experience, this could be a physiatrist who could very well smell a fib a mile off. But the point is, if you’re not being honest, you’re letting yourself down more. And that being said, you could be doing yourself harm.

psychiatric treatment in kirkland, wa

So, never, ever, ever lie. Of course, this is easier said than done, because when people are in distress, it is quite easy for them to feel insecure about themselves and about how others will react. But not with a psychiatrist.