Fixing Electrical Issues

Sometimes we will start to experience electrical issues.  When this happens, we might start to stress out and start to worry.  The first thing that you need to do is not freak out.  Take a deep breath and look at things calmly.  If you see sparks or smell something burning the first thing you need to do is shut off the breaker and contact an electrician near me Savannah, GA.

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Electrical tape

When working on electrical issues electrical tape will be a much needed item to have.  Electrical tape is made out of a material that won’t burn and will have a neutral reaction to an electrical current.  Electricians and others will use electrical tape to connect two wires together to form a complete circuit that is similar to the rubber sheath used on wires.


Cutters are used to cut wires and to help remove the sheath from the wires.  When using cutters make sure that you don’t cut wires too short since you will need to tie wires together which can be time consuming.  Also, when using the cutters to remove the sheath make sure not to push down too hard since it will cut through the wire.


You want to wear gloves when working with electricity.  These gloves should be heavy duty to protect you from any electrical charge.  Many of these gloves will be a great source of protection but you may still experience shock, so be careful when working with live wires.

Voltage meter

A voltage meter is a device that will allow you to test if you have enough voltage running through the line or if you have any electricity at all.  These are a must when working with electricity.  If you work with live wires, you could get hurt or even die.  Be careful when working with electricity.