Common Injuries To Your Hands

Your hands tend to go through a lot of scrapes, bumps, and bruises through life. After all, people use them for about everything, and whenever you get hurt it is usually hands first. Some of the most common injuries to your hands include fractures, cuts, and broken bones.

Fractures in the hands and wrists happen because our hand bones are very vulnerable for how much we use them. For example, whenever you trip and fall you try to catch yourself with your hands outstretched. They take some of the impact if not the brunt of it, and this can cause some serious fractures.

Whenever your fingers get fractured, it can prevent you from closing your hand and can also stop you from moving the damaged digit. While fixing hand fractures doesn’t require hand surgery, it still will cause a trip to the hospital to get a brace placed on your hand and arm.

hand surgery

Another common injury to your hands comes from cuts. Cuts can come from paper cuts, slips of knives or scissors, and other accidents. Most cuts will bleed a lot until they scab over, and often some bandages and rest are all that is needed to heal yourself from a cut.

Severe injuries such as broken bones or severing a finger do require surgery to fix, and the nature of the surgery will depend on the nature of the injury. Once you get to the hospital and explain your problem, the doctor will work with you to come up with a surgery that will get your hand back in working order.

Hand injuries are pretty common, and the best thing to do is watch out for them. If you can prevent as many hand injuries as you can, that will keep them nice and healthy for when the injuries do happen.